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CSA Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you spray your crops or use pesticides on the vegetables or inject your meat products?
We follow organic farming practices and never use pesticides on our vegetables or inject our chickens, turkeys, pigs or cows with any antibiotics or unnatural products.  Our animals are treated humanely, with love and respect.
What happens if there is crop failure or bad weather? How does this affect my share?
When extreme weather is happening, crops are most likely affected. Your share may look a little scarce until the farms have a chance to recover, and crops come back to life.  When you join a CSA, you also take the risk along with the farmers that crops sometimes fail due to harsh weather. Remember too that you will also share in the bounty when the crops are doing well. Sometimes crops are completely destroyed, and sometimes farms can replant and start over. You may not get specific items in your share during a bad weather period, although we try to plan each season very carefully.  Sometimes Mother Nature has her own ideas. We may have to postpone a few deliveries during the CSA season due to extreme weather if necessary or the season may start a week or two later than anticipated, depending on the winter, the length and temperatures of the spring, late frosts, and heavy spring rains which may prevent us from getting into the fields as early as we would like.
What are my share options?

Spring/Summer Share (approx. 24  pickups) runs mid-April through September                   $500.00

Egg Share 20 dozen eggs 20 pickups 1 dozen every week                                                          $  85.00


Sign-up for the 2022 growing season will begin in January 24thon a first come first serve basis. 
How big are the shares; how many people can one share feed?
You will be given a reusable grocery bag filled with vegetables each week. We like to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of each vegetable included  for at least a family of four. The shares will start off smaller and include more leafy greens initially and as the season progresses you will see a greater variety of items each week. 
What are my responsibilities as a CSA shareholder?
When you sign up for a membership with the CSA program, you are responsible for picking up your share within a reasonable time of it becoming available. You will receive weekly emails announcing that the shares are ready for pick up and any special instructions for pick up along with family recipes. Your bag will be labeled in the fridge and you just need to drop off your bag from the previous week and take your full one to enjoy!
What if I am unable to or forget to pick up my share?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you know your will not be able to pick up a share. We cannot credit you if you are unable to make a share pick up but we welcome you to invite a relative or friend to pick up your share for you if you are unable.  We understand that you may not be able to make it the first day the shares are available and we will hold them for you for a reasonable amount of time before we utilize the vegetables elsewhere.
Can we visit the farm?
We would love for you to come out and visit with us and see where your produce is coming from. We are very proud of our new government funded agriculture project in which we utilize high-tunnel hoop houses to produce vegetables throughout the year. We will try to plan an event for our shareholders each season. If you would like to visit the farm at another time contact us and we can set up a tour for you!

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