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Agritourism Farming during a pandemic

What does agritourism farming during a pandemic look like?

Let's start with what a farm looks like in normal times. Normally, the farm welcomes guests during their visit during a party, tour, farm to table event or CSA pick up, to take in the beauty of the farm, meet and talk with our farmers, taste and touch-experience it all!

The last 2 years of the pandemic has been an education in keeping our farm friends and us safe and healthy. Pick ups are contactless, pick up in a cooler or refrigerator and leaving the farm right away. No farm to table events. Limited tours and parties to almost 0. Special events take on new looks for Santa in the Log Cabin and the Easter Bunny in spring.

While the times have been trying, we have remained strong because of the support of so many and the grants we were able to receive to supplement the lack of income.

What does this mean for our farm friends? We are striving to continue to offer all we can as we navigate the health issues in our communities. We will continue to offer our CSA, the best way to combat illness of any kind is with a healthy diet and we are here for you!

We are hopeful that the pandemic will subside and we can again offer our tours, parties, and special events including farm to table breakfasts and dinners. Stay tuned and stay with us!

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